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For those who missed it and with a little delay (we needed some time to recover from all of these emotions…), here are the rankings of the Men and Women qualifications & finals of our #10 Blocbuster Contest 🙂

Rankings of Men Finals :

1/ Tom Gauquelin
2/ Maxime Sembely
3/ Corentin Berthelot
4/ Ariel Pariente
5/ Sebastien Lequertier
6/ Valère Calmeil

Rankings of Women Finals :

1/ Clothilde Morin
2/ Selma Mimoun
3/ Elsa Ponzo
4/ Camille Lhomme
5/ Naomi Fernandez
6/ Sarah Jeannin


We would like to thank, once again, our competitors for participating, our visitors for encouraging them, to the route setters for their incredible boulders and to all the volunteers/staff for helping us in this organisation!

Thanks also to our partners & sponsors: : FFME, Dreamers Van Stories, Snap.climbing, Madrock, Cheetaholds, Jegrimpe, Symplesbio,, Accrocamp Cybergame Courbevoie, Rugby Club Courbevoie, Bijouterie Dannepond.