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A new season is starting and Blocbuster now has two bouldering facilities and soon a third one in Versailles by the end of the year.

As you know we are coming out of a difficult period, the closure of Blocbuster CNIT in particular was a real heartbreaker.

However, many of you chose to support us generously at that time by donating a part, or the entirety, of your subscription.

Now that all that is behind us and we have opened a second hall on the square of La Défense, we have not forgotten you.

That is why we are pleased to announce that all those who donated to us will be credited the double of the amount they chose to donate to us, onto their customer account. This credit will be usable in all our Blocbuster gyms, on all our offers and products.

We, of course, have a list of the people concerned, whom we thank warmly, and we will be sure to contact them.

The Blocbuster team